Wee Jasper

We didn’t leave Port Stevens until after 3pm and had 600+ km to go til the next stop. We could start the car again which was a bonus. The drive was long and included one passenger vomiting in the car park of a Scottish restaurant on the outskirts of Sydney, fog, rain and arriving at camp after midnight for a super quick setup.

I planned a couple of months earlier to meet up with some local campers on this weekend, I forgot to book the awesome weather we’ve been enjoying over previous six weeks but we had a great time.

DSC03341 DSC03342 DSC03346 DSC03349 DSC03358 DSC03363 DSC03536 DSC03576

Night time at Wee Jasper. A little additive and we have coloured flames. A few glow sticks and the energy of a few kids and we’re painting the world 🙂

DSC03609 DSC03618 DSC03635 DSC03649


A little video of the camp

Heading Home
Nelson Bay

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