Wallaman Falls

The tallest single drop water fall in the country, at 268 metres it certainly is spectacular.

Just for fun the eldest boys and I did the walk to the base. All of the info in the area says you need to be quite fit… there is a reason for those warnings. With the temp in the thirties and humidity high we took off with barely enough water for one person to drink on┬áthe way down let alone three people down and back.

DSC02071 DSC02072 DSC02084 DSC02096 DSC02161 DSC02168 DSC02170


A couple of highlights that were not the falls. A pom that tried to swim out to the water, he had no chance the water just wouldn’t let him.┬áThere was a snake on the way up but we all kept to ourselves. The boys absolutely exhausted, I had to drag Drew up the last bit.

Heading south
Cowley Beach

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