Theresa Creek Dam

Theresa Creek Dam for a quick stop before heading towards Townsville. Theresa Creek is a fantastic place for a visit, I imagine it gets busy but we were one of only a few campers over night.

Rat Birds at camp for breakfast
Rat Birds Attack
Rat Birds Attack
Who's a pretty birdy
Who’s a pretty birdy
Visitors for breakfast
Visitors for breakfast

It was a fairly large day in the car today. We left Theresa Creek Dam near Claremont at around 9:30am and arrived in Townsville just after 5:00pm. There were about 4 million toilet stops on the way…no idea what that was all about.

Part of the 576km from Claremont (Theresa Creek Dam) to Townsville


Bluewater - Townsville
Carnarvon Gorge

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