The great waterfall adventure

The day started with visit to the damn dam wall. That water falling gave me the idea to visit the local water falls. What better way to spend a day than going to waterfalls. Not exactly what the navigator had in mind for an adventure.

Millaa Millaa was the first reasonable water fall and was full of back packers. Zillie turned into an adventure for the men. The track was a lot steeper than the photos show but we made it back and have photos to prove it. Ellinjaa was just for the bigger guys as we needed to do it quick so we could move on. Perhaps we could do something bigger???

DSC01855 Curtain-Fig DSC01922 DSC01938 DSC01940 DSC01946 DSC01947 DSC01950 DSC01953 DSC01970 DSC01979 DSC01986 DSC01993 DSC02018 DSC02021

Cowley Beach
Atherton Tablelands - Camp Barrabadeen

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