Paronella Park

A must see and stand out of the trip so far. See the website for more info.
We took the regular tour, the night tour and we stayed over night and I took the hydro power station tour, which only a few people have ever done.

DSC00973 DSC00977 DSC00993 DSC00995 DSC00979

A few photos from the night tour.

DSC00965 DSC00967 DSC00970 DSC00958

Got to see my sister (Aunty Amanda for the kids) for the first time in for ever. It was a great surprise as I did’t tell her we were coming, and to just expect a delivery or something 🙂


They now have a Thank You poster that Alex created. One of his highlights.

Total distance traveled: 3840km


Crabs are crazy - Mission Beach

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