We made it to Cairns and it was only 4145 km. What an adventure it has been so far. From what we’ve seen Cairns is a beautiful place, everything is so lush and green. So much for a dry “wet season”.

All hopping bugs are now called Johnno’s, the “feeder” is called Bear Grizzly and no matter how much slapping, crying, bitching or moaning the kids make none of them are tired. We’ll possibly be staying here longer than planned to take a break from our holiday.

All phones are now dead, one had a swim and the other is just a magical paper weight.

DSC01610 DSC01612 DSC01614


One of the great things about this time of year apart from the fantastic weather is that we’re outside of every states school holidays and it’s too early for the grey nomads. We’ve been able to go wherever we wanted without the crowds.

Total distance traveled: 4145km




Palm Cove
Paronella Park

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