All done!

That holiday is well and truly done and dusted. I few important things¬†to remember for next time if someone has a great idea. We used¬†1628 litres of diesel, setup camp 23 times, traveled a total of¬... Read More

Heading Home

The plan was to get up and get ready to leave ¬†reasonably early… a little after 10am we finally packed up and hit the road. There was a suggestion to go through Tumut as it may have been a litt... Read More

Wee Jasper

We didn’t leave Port Stevens until after 3pm and had 600+ km to go til the next stop. We could start the car again which was a bonus.¬†The drive was long and included one passenger vomiting in t... Read More

Nelson Bay

Three nights here with some great friends that we haven’t seen in ages. The days are becoming cooler as are the nights as we head south. The beaches in around Port Stevens are quite nice, it was... Read More

1466km to go!

Its hard to believe we only have one week left. We have met so many awesome people and seen and done so many fantastic things. I’m sure we’ll be sad when it’s all over and we¬†hear t... Read More

Stuarts Point

A little place just north of South West Rocks on the Macleay River and also the last place the car started without a little help. It was a long day in the car yesterday, we didn’t make to camp i... Read More


We’re in Brisbane. Fraser Island was awesome but the mobile reception is a tad on the doesn’t exist spectrum. (Post soon) This wasn’t us but I could see how easily it could have been... Read More